Friday, January 21, 2005

San Diego Wild Animal Park

I'm not fond of zoos for photographing animals. Zoos are usually crowded, the cages small, and it is difficult to get good sight lines for photographs.

I've always loved the San Diego Wild Animal park. The animals have great freedom of movement and behave in more natural ways. We had a beautiful visit and beautiful weather. Birds like the environment so much that there is always a large collection of native birds to supplement the park's captive birds. Most of the collection is from Africa.

I've organized the album by animals, wild birds, and captive birds. Click on the link above the photo to see the album.

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Anonymous said...

Guy: What great photography! I felt like I was in Africa again, without the expense and travel time. I especially loved the cheetah. The cinnamon teal duck is so rich in tone and the egret is sensational. Thanks for the trip. Jean