Thursday, January 13, 2005

Vacation Starts

We left yesterday for our vacation, arriving today. For the first time, we tried staying overnight at a hotel near SeaTac rather than trying to make an entire trip in one day. We have to leave home in Port Townsend four to five hours before flight time to make all connections necessary to get to the airport well before departure. This makes any flight an all-day experience. Consequently, we try to schedule departure after 1 pm or so.

We wanted to get an earlier flight this time so we would have more time with Teresa's sister in San Clemente before they left on their vacation. That meant an early flight, and that meant either leaving the house in the middle of the night or making it a two-day trip.

The trip was easy; the shuttle dropped us directly at the SeaTac hotel we were staying at and the hotel had a shuttle to the terminal the next morning. It was still two days and tiring though.

But we're here! And the temperature is warmer than it was in Port Townsend.

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