Sunday, March 12, 2006

Children's Festival of Art

I had a simply wonderful time at the Sixth annual Children's Festival of Art at Fort Worden here in Port Townsend. As the activities photographer for the Festival, I spent the entire day photographing kids having fun! Teresa was there too, helping the children with print making and doll making.

I found that the Nikon 18-200 zoom had the best focal length of my lenses for this event, with most of the images being shot at a focal length between 30 mm and 70 mm. Many of the images were not quite as sharp as I prefer, but that could be a result of shooting hand-held instead of using a tripod. After more than 2,500 shots, the D200 is still new to me. That translates to making mistakes. I didn't discover until after the day was over that the camera was still in bracketing mode. Fortunately, all of the indoor photographs were taken with the SB-800 flash, and that compensated for the incorrect camera setting.

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